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About Us

Every journey begins with a single step, how about we help you out?

Legal Support and Outsourcing Services Limited

At LSOS we believe there are better ways for lawyers in Nigeria to work without having to struggle with the hassles of filing processes and the unpredictable delays or events that could occur when waiting on paralegals or legal assistants. The delay in filing/serving processes caused by the increased awareness of the rights of citizens which has in turn increased the quantum of cases in court without a corresponding increase in the sherrifs to effect the service of such processes in Nigeria inspired the formation of this company. Let us be the shoulder you can rely on to ease the burden of your workload and also enhance the fluidity of your company’s workflow. We all need to work harder and ‘smarter’. In a nutshell, it is our intention to take control of your paralegal work and allow you to concentrate on your primary duties.

“This is beyond a business, it is a movement to facilitate the overall growth of Legal Practitioners in Nigeria.”

Our Vision

To be a dynamic and effective legal outsourcing company.

Our Mission

To enable our clients to leverage on the full potentials of their businesses by exploring opportunities.

To reduce the level of stress the legal staff face on a daily basis.

To  help our clients focus on their core business and do more with less.

To deliver the business of process serving and other business related services speedily and efficiently.

Our Story: Created From the Frustration of Working as a Lawyer in Nigeria

LSOS was created in the year 2006 by Olusola Omotunde Young and Bamidele Ibironke. The myriads of challenges encountered by lawyers and people seeking legal services led to the birth of Legal Support and Outsourcing Services Ltd (LSOS).

The original idea was to create an organization (LSOS) that could facilitate process serving in our different courts and save lawyers the trouble of going to court to file their processes, then suffer to engage with sheriffs to effect the services of the court processes.

In that regard, we have perfected a structure which will see to a seamless filing of court processes on behalf of lawyers and litigants alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

LSOS stands for Legal Support and Outsourcing Services Limited, our company’s identity.

Is the operation carried out by a company to provide legal support services to a law firm or corporation. 

We specialize in paralegal support, property settlements, research services,and more. For more details refer to the SERVICES tab.