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Outsource your legal and non-core legal activities to us to keep you focused on your primary goals and invest resources into new opportunities. At LSOS we take up your paralegal duties, so you can focus on your core business of lawyering, manage your practice effectively and eliminate inefficiencies.


Paralegal Support

The norm is for every Lawyer to go through the herculean task of searching for statutes, case laws, legal materials, and other authorities to support the set of facts related to them by their clients.

However, at LSOS, we make this process seamless and compliment lawyers by assisting in research work, searching for needed authorities, both locally and internationally.

In a nutshell, LSOS ensures that quality arguments and legal resources are put at the lawyer’s doormat. 

  • Filing of court processes, preparation of proof of service and delivery of the proof of service to court and our clients.
  • Following up on dates for assignment of new and old cases, when adjourned dates fall on public holidays, if the court is not sitting or the registrar is not available to give a date, LSOS also steps in to feed the clients with the new adjourned dates.
  • Preparation of briefs/pleadings and every other legal documents.
  • Compilation of records of appeal, obtaining of Certified True Copies (CTC) of court processes and all other public documents.
  • Proof reading of processes before they are filed. Ensuring signatures are properly appended, seals are intact, affidavits are properly signed by deponents, exhibits are attached as listed in the affidavits and so on.
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Property Settlement

If a marriage or de-facto relationship comes to an end, the financial ties between the parties need to be finalized.  Picture a jointly owned house, at some point in time it needs to be decided what happens to the house.  It may be that the house is sold, or one party may be able to take it over and, if necessary, “buy” the other party’s interest.

At LSOS we assist in the necessary steps that need to be taken.

  • We conduct searches on lands at the appropriate registry
  • Perfection of title documents, i.e., Certificate of Occupancy, Governor’s consent, registration of power of Attorney, etc. 
  • Obtaining of survey plans at the appropriate survey offices across Nigeria.
  • Preparation and review of all forms of agreement relating to land.
  • Valuation of properties through accredited estate valuers.

Acquisition of Licenses and Permits

According to the Telegraph, eighty (80) new companies were set up every hour in 2016, with 608,110 new companies emerging in 2015. New businesses are created as time passes, it is very important to ensure that your business is properly registered and licensed. This will ensure protection for you, protection for your employees, protection for your customers, privacy and trust.

At LSOS we assist in obtaining the requisite licenses, increase your processing speed and success rate of your business.

  • Money lenders license.
  • Patent, trademarks and design company registration.
  • Work permit.
  • Expatriate quota
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Execution of Court Judgement

After judgement has been obtained, another round of process is required to have the judgement executed by the successful party. At LSOS, we take over the cumbersome execution steps from the obtainment of the Certified True Copies (CTC), to moving of the case file to the Sheriff’s department, obtaining police assistance, to the actual execution and obtainment of form O. Our legal team and trained Sheriff are available to make all these seamless.

At LSOS we maintain absolute secrecy in the execution process.

Please Note: We carry out this process in conjunction with the Sherriff of the Court.

Getting you better bargains and ensuring that your execution process is not compromised is our goal at LSOS.

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Other Practice Areas

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Research Services

We are your go to research assistants. We assist you in conducting thorough research on any area of law of your choice.

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Litigation Financiers

We serve as litigation financiers to indigent people. We are aware that a lot of people are unable to afford the high cost of legal services, hence they abandon their rights. Our company is able to finance the litigation up to conclusion on terms. It is usually “a no win no pay” scenario.